How Can Munizzi Law Firm’s Fractional Counsel Program Benefit my Business?

How Can Munizzi Law Firm’s Fractional Counsel Program Benefit my Business?

Regardless of the size of their company, all business owners are required to operate within the law.

November 17, 2021

Regardless of the size of their company, all business owners are required to operate within the law. Business and tax law can be nuanced and complex, which is why it’s vital for business owners to work with attorneys when structuring their business, creating contracts, and dealing with disputes. However, many owners of small and medium businesses cannot afford to have a full-time attorney on staff. Munizzi Law Firm’s Fractional Counsel Program was created with business owners like these in mind.

What Is The Fractional Counsel Program?

The Fractional Counsel Program is a unique program designed specifically for small to medium businesses. Clients gain access to an on-call lawyer who they can contact, as needed, for legal counsel and related services. Munizzi Law Firm works with each client to create a fixed legal budget. For this one fee, the client gains on-demand access to an attorney as needed. This program helps to provide more predictability around ongoing legal costs, allowing the company to budget more accurately and create less anxiety about calling an attorney to discuss routine matters.

What Are The Benefits Of The Fractional Counsel Program?

The Fractional Counsel Program offers a few key benefits over hiring your own in-house attorney. It also has benefits over the traditional approach of paying for individual, hourly legal services.

1. Affordability

It’s no secret that hiring an executive-level attorney full-time is expensive. Not only do you have to pay a full salary, but also benefits and bonuses. The cost is simply outside the budget of most small businesses. With the Fractional Counsel Program, small businesses can gain access to the same level of legal expertise, at a more affordable cost.

2. Reduced Anxiety

Having to call an attorney can bring up some anxiety for small business owners. Not only do they worry about cost, but there is the burden of having to explain their entire business situation to a new attorney. The Fractional Counsel Program takes the anxiety out of seeking legal counsel. Clients do not have to hesitate or assess their finances before calling the attorney with a question. They don’t have to take shortcuts with their business strategy in order to keep legal costs down, either.

3. Consistency

Clients who sign up for the Fractional Counsel Program are assigned a specific attorney. That attorney spends time getting to know each client’s business, risk tolerance, history, and needs. Each time a client needs legal services, they will typically work with the same attorney. This results in a consistent strategy and saves both the client and the attorney from continually having to re-acquaint themselves with the business’s needs.

4. A Preventative Approach

Because clients in the Fractional Counsel Program are able to develop a working relationship with the attorney over time, they tend to take a more preventative approach. The attorney can help ensure, from the onset, that the business is properly adhering to relevant laws. They can catch small problems early on before they become larger issues. This sort of preventative approach helps keep businesses operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and it also helps prevent litigation down the road.

What Services Are Included?

Munizzi Law Firm works with each client to define their needs and tailor the Fractional Counsel Program to suit those needs. There are several different packages that our firm uses as starting points, each with its own associated costs and a different frequency of on-site visits. Generally, services offered fall into four categories.

Business Management

An attorney can assist the client in structuring their business, including but not limited to forming a corporation. They can also create or review lease contracts, construction contracts, and real estate purchasing agreements.

Client and Vendor Relations

Many clients benefit from having an attorney review their vendor and client contracts. A business law attorney can also assist with creditors, offer guidance on debt collection, issue demand letters, and send other formal legal correspondence to vendors and clients.


Businesses in various industries are required to hold certain permits and licenses. A business law attorney can ensure these requirements are being upheld. They can also guide a client through Department of Labor audits and unemployment claims.


Businesses with employees greatly benefit from the Fractional Counsel Program. An attorney can offer guidance on discrimination or harassment complaints. They can review the employee handbook, write or review severance agreements or disciplinary guidelines, and draft employment agreements.

Additionally, there are specific benefits that are offered to each and every client in the Fractional Counsel Program.

  1. Priority Communication: Our attorneys give preference to Fractional Counsel Program clients when responding to calls and other communication. Clients can always expect a prompt response.
  2. Business Strategy Sessions: These sessions typically take place in-office and are a powerful tool for developing long-term business strategies within the confines and protection of the law.
  3. Professional Network Access: Clients gain access to Munizzi Law Firm’s network of CPAs, insurance agents, and trusted advisors.
  4. Registered Agent Designation: Fractional Counsel Program clients are able to designate Munizzi Law Firm as their Registered Agent, allowing for more direct communication between the attorney and Secretary of State on the client’s behalf.
  5. Monthly Newsletters: Clients are kept up-to-date on relevant legal and business topics.
  6. Discounts on Additional Services: Should clients require services outside of their Fractional Counsel contract, those services can be provided at a reduced hourly rate. This also applies to estate planning and real estate planning services.
  7. Reduced Retainers: Should a Fractional Counsel client face litigation, they can retain legal representation at a reduced rate.

Business law can be complex, and small business owners should not have to navigate the law alone. Munizzi Law Firm’s Fractional Counsel Program is an affordable, convenient way for small and medium businesses in Florida to access the legal services they require to operate profitably and efficiently.

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